Hospice's that care in KZN

The Who, Where, What & Why

In a Southern corner of Africa lies a place of beauty, world renowned as the birthplace of the Zulu people. Vast fields of green, thick dense, lush bush scattered with wild life and the Big 5. Boasting majestic mountains, world heritage sites and, "Year long summer" beaches kissed by the sun. Bustling ports and historic cities host thriving townships and suburbs and special people. These special people have a right to a beautiful life in this special place. And these people deserve a comfortable and dignified death. This is why there is a network of Hospices in KwaZulu Natal. An association who fight for this right, who provide care in this important time at the end of life. And it is all made a reality because of you, our supporter... you our patient.

What makes up a hospice
Home Care

Nurses and care givers, doctors and social workers are mobilised to provide care at the patient's homes. From the smallest of rural shacks to the largest urban mansions the patient's share the same fate. They deserve and share the same level of care from the staff. Most people prefer to be cared for at home; and as it makes economic sense to us, Home Care is the backbone of our Hospices. Armed with a car or a comfortable pair of shoes, a cell phone, files and nurses pack your team hit the road. Counselling and training family, friends and home based carers in KZN how to care for their loved ones who are suffering. Providing famous levels of comfort, compassion and care throughout our province with your support.

In Patient Unit

Not all our Hospice's have an IPU, but those that do provide care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Patient care for complex situations and pain management as well as respite care for the family. They provide care away from home with specialist focus to provide peace of mind for the patient and family. The running of an IPU is very expensive, and so is generally only available with the right funding.


Although Palliative Care should begin with diagnosis of the terminal illness, we do not have the resources to manage the cases in KZN. We provide education and training to medical facilities to advocate the principals in the early stages, but our Hospices generally only admit patients to their programs following a referral from a medical practitioner. Please call your nearest Hospice for their specific admissions policy, or seek out the website from our contacts list on this site.